If you are interested in maritime law or any other concepts concerning maritime economics,  you can’t miss our Summer School. A week full of maritime expertise and the best guest speakers.

Students, lawyers & business people, you are all very welcome!

Save the date: 20 – 24 July 2020 | More info contact Mr. Soler: jsoler@bdlezo.com

Please note that 2020 edition will take place 100% online.

Aims and Objectives

This online Summer School will equip those who attend with a detailed insight into issues of current importance in the areas of maritime law and maritime economics, shipping, land transport and European law. It is designed to provide a major learning resource for lawyers, students and business people.

The programme is designed to meet the specific needs of professional lawyers who may be seeking to expand their practice in the field of Maritime Law, and also to meet the complementary needs of shipping executives and business people who have to understand the complex legal issues which context their commercial enterprise. Also, our summer school is a good option for students that wants to introduce themselves in this fascinating world of maritime law.

The Teaching online Programme

The rationale of the course is that the Law of England and Wales is the legal system which provides the basic reference underpinning all International Shipping Law, and is the universally preferred jurisdiction in respect of maritime disputes.

A full balance of academic, legal and commercial expertise is represented in the composition of teaching team, whose members are drawn from the Law Departments of leading British universities and Law firms which specialise in Maritime, Shipping and Transport Law.

In addition to lecture presentation and seminar discussion, teaching arrangements will include role play. These elements are designed to enable students to apply their course learning immediately in their current professional situations. Students will also receive an hour of individual consultation with the organising tutor to enable discussion of the personal and career applications of the learning programme.

The Learning Atmosphere

The Barcelona International Summer School in maritime law will offer participants the chance to e-meet like-minded professionals in a sympathetic but nonetheless demanding academic atmosphere in which valuable professional knowledge will be gained.

English is the language of instruction, but all the teaching units will be supported by detailed notes prepared to assist participants with the seminar work, and with later professional reflection. As acquisition of business English is often accelerated when students can express new concepts equally in their native tongue, it may be possible for the seminar discussion to be held in a language other than English where four or more students request it.

Social Programme – Barcelona skyline drinks

Barcelona is justifiably famous as a beautiful and lively city. For many people travelling in Europe it is at the top of their “must visit” list! A social element is included in the programme in order to promote the learning objectives of the Summer School, and to take advantage of the stimulating, cultural and social opportunities of Barcelona’s historical city centre and the outstanding beauty of places nearby. Join us at the Barcelona Skyline Drinks for networking at the highest bar in town in the breathtaking Barcelona beach with 360º views of Barcelona.


10:00 - 11:30Course opening and welcome.Salvage & LOF (AR)Bills of Lading and Hague-Visby Rules (MR)Maritime Economics (AC)Charter Parties in practice (AA)
12:00Introduction to Common Law (AR)COVID and Shipping Contracts (CH)The Rotterdam Rules (MR)Maritime Economics (AC)London Maritime Arbitration (MR)
14:00BreakBreakBreakBreakClosing Ceremony
14:30 - 16:00Ciber Risks in Port Terminals (AR)Laytime & Demurrage (AR)Shipbuilding contracts (MD)War Risks clauses in shipping contracts (AC)
16:15-17.30Ship Arrest (AR)Ship sale and purchase (MD)Oil and Gas (AR)This is a tentative timetable. Final timetable to be published on 1st July 2022

Student Learning outcomes

By the conclusion of the Summer School delegates will:

  1. Have gained practical knowledge of several expanding and potentially lucrative areas of Maritime and Commercial Law.
  2. Be able to identify complex legal issues that arise in commercial situations.
  3. Be able to analyze these problems, and provide suitable solutions.
  4. Have gained confidence in arguing their cases and in defending the positions that they have taken.
  5. Be able to research the answers to legal problems that they will face in the future.



The City Law School

All those who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement issued by the City Law School, The City University, London.

The City Law School is one of the few universities in the world to offer a dedicated LLM in Maritime Law. This degree is taught by leading academics with commercial experience also offering a strong input by current practitioners both from England and abroad. The location of the Law School in the City of London itself means that it is very convenient for the City institutions and the Royal Courts of Justice and the wider cultural and social experience that London has to offer.
Learn more about The City Law School.

Further information

Fees for online summer school

Tuition fee ……… 550 EUR

Undergraduate Tuition fee ……… 450 EUR (Current undergraduate students)


Language requirements

As noted, the course will be conducted through the medium of the English language. Students will however be encouraged to work in small groups, and these may be conducted in other languages by the agreement of the participants.
Because of the technical nature of the subject matter of the Barcelona International Summer School in Maritime Law it is advisable that participants should feel comfortable in working in English, we therefore suggest (as a gauge of competency) that they should have achieved a standard of understanding equivalent to approximately 6.0 in the IELTS test of English or 550 in the alternative TOEFL test.


The course takes place online


Enquiries about the course and payment methods may be sent by email: bissmal@bdlezo.com