General Services to UK Nationals

Blas de Lezo is one of the very few Spanish law firms with lawyers qualified both in Spain and the UK. This makes our firm the perfect partner for all your business and personal affairs in Spain.

We advise UK companies in relation to all their commercial and legal needs in Spain and provide them with all the support they need to succeed in their goals. Understanding, as we do, both the English and Spanish legal systems is a key factor in achieving this and the members of Blas de Lezo Abogados have vast experience in practising both in the UK and in Spain.

Blas De Lezo also advises UK nationals, whether they are in transit or otherwise very temporarily in Spain (for example on a brief holiday) or in Spain on a more permanent basis. Moreover, many UK nationals, by owning properties in Spain or otherwise, require advice on tax, inheritance and probate issues as well as general counsel on the Spanish legal system. Blas de Lezo can, smoothly and calmly, assist UK nationals with their legal needs such that they can relax and enjoy their stay in Spain.

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