Customs Law

Our highly skilled professionals have in-depth knowledge of the set of rules of Public Law that applies to the international movement of goods, globally known as Customs Law.

We advise our clients regarding matters of Customs Law, more specifically in:

  • Consultancy and counselling on the application of customs, tax and compliance regulations for international trade.
  • Assistance and representation in verification and inspection procedures.
  • Processing of allegations, appeals and other legal procedures.
  • Audits and risk analysis.
  • Preparation of technical reports and surveys.
  • Plan, design, execution and supervision of customs operations.
  • Requests and revaluations of authorizations and customs decisions, including the Spanish OEA certification.
  • Development and implementation of regulatory compliance programs.
  • Management and taxation of special duties.
  • Tax representation.
  • Development and provision of training plans.
  • Adaptation to the new Union Customs Code (UCC).